Best times to visit

Harsil is at an altitude of 2620 mts/8595 ft above sea level so you can expect cool climate throughout the year. Harsil-Dharali-Gangotri is fairly untouched and peaceful place compared to the usually crowded popular hill stations which makes it an ideal offbeat holiday destination for travellers both from within India and outside. Weather in Uttarkashi town can vary from that at Harsil due to difference in altitude. Harsil, overall has a cool temperature all through, which makes it a perfect getaway to escape the summer heat of the plains.

Summer: April to June is one of the best and most popular times to visit Uttarkashi. These months witness maximum tourist traffic to the region (also, thanks to summer vacations in schools in India). The temperatures are fairly pleasant ranging from 15°C-30°C making it ideal for a great holiday experience. Do not forget to carry light woolens to enjoy the chilly evenings.

Rain: July-August is the time for monsoons that bring the temperatures further down between 10°C to 20°C. Beautiful mist and smell of the earth fill the mountain air turning it into a quaint little place. There aren’t as many visitors to the region during the rains, therefore it can be a great time to visit when you want to experience complete peace and quiet. However, it is always good to check weather forecast and condition of the roads before you plan to take a trip. Don’t forget to carry your rain gear and woolens.

Autumn: Post the rains, September and October is also a great time to visit when the winter is about to set in. The Gangotri temple is closed starting from October end until April of next year therefore many people visit the temple during this time to pay their respects. The tourist inflow compared to the summers is still less therefore a perfectl time for a quiet holiday. Weather is fairly cold at 5°C to 12°C so make sure to pack your warm clothes.

Winter: The months from November to February can be pretty harsh with freezing day and night temperatures ranging from 5°C to below 0°C. Accessing the area during this period can be pretty difficult because of heavy snowfall and road blockages. Several villages are also closed during winters as villagers migrate to more habitable Uttarkashi town for these months. However, for adventure seekers, there could not have been a better time to visit Harsil. Seasoned hikers often visit Gaumukh, Tapovan and Dayara Bugyal in the snow for adventure treks and skiing opportunities that very few other places in India can offer.